PS3HEN 2.4.0 Update is Available

Install HEN On PS3 4.85 Super Slim
Install HEN On PS3 4.85 Super Slim

PS3HEN is a recent exploit For All Playstation 3 MODELS  ( Superslim, Slim and FAT ). It adds new functions to 4.85 HFW

Global Changes :
  • Stage 2 Size went from 100 kb + to 90 kb
Payload Changes :
  1. – Added VSH patches and disabled signature check of RIF, now other tools are compatible
  2. – PS3MAPI can now write to VSH text segment like CFW
  3. – Disabled VSH check in RIF that R and S cant be just 0
  4. – DLC/PSX games RAP support added
  5. – Fixed hitching of PSX PAL on NTSC TV and vice versa
  6. – Removed unnecessary hooks on CellFsOpen/CellFsRead/CellFsClose, possibly increasing stability
  7. – Speed improvement when loading NPDRM type 2 games (need original or RAP Activated RIF), CPU couldnt generate ECDSA fast enough
  8. – Fixed issue where people sometimes got stuck downloading games from PSN


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