Jailbreak PS3 Slim And FAT on OFW 4.85 Via PS3Xploit

Jailbreak PS3 Slim And FAT on OFW 4.85
Jailbreak PS3 Slim And FAT on OFW 4.85

How To Jailbreak Playstation 3 Models SLIM and FAT On 4.85 OFW Via PS3Xploit And installing The New CFW 4.85…

Before any manipulation 

  • Through this tutorial, the jailbreak processes will go through the installation of the HFW 4.85 to finish either to a CFW, or to HAN or HEN

PS3 compatibles CFW 4.85

  • All models retails (CEX or SEX) FAT : CECHA0x, CECHB0x, CECHC0x, CECHE0x, CECHG0x, CECHH0x, CECHJ0x, CECHK0x, CECHL0x, CECHM0x, CECHP0x and CECHQ0x
  • The retails models (CEX or SEX) SLIM : CECH-20xxx and CECH-21xxx
  • Slim models CECH-25xxx.
  • NB: it will be necessary to check the minimum version of the firmware supported when it leaves the factory. If you have any doubt about the compatibility of your console, or if you have a CECH-25xxx model, use minVerChk to make sure you have some options. The version specified by minVerChk must be 3.56 maximum.
  • Any attempt on a console not supported by one or the other will cause a brig. Do not use PS3Xploit on a console already in CFW, it will also be a brig assured. The “FAT” models CECHA0x, CECHB0x, CECHC0x, CECHE0x and CECHG0x have flash memories of the NAND type. All other “FAT” or “Slim” jailbreak compatible have NOR flash memories….
  • PS3 in 4.85 compatible
  • a Computer
  • Fat32 USB key
  • Related tools


The installation of HFW 4.85
For the processes that will follow, you will need to install the Hybrid Firmware (HFW) first.

The approach is simple for this step:
1. Download HFW_4.85.1_PS3UPDAT.PUP
2. On your USB key, create a PS3 Folder
3. In this folder, create an UPDATE Subfolder
4. Copy / paste your Hybrid Firmware and rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP
5. Insert your USB stick into your PS3 and update via storage device. Enjoy!

This first step is complete. If you had any error, install it via PS3 Recovery Mode!

Files To Download :

  1. HFW 4.85.1 :
  2. CFW 4.85 :
  3. Check Update
  4. flash_485.hex
  5. MultiMAN V 4.85.00 

To explain the jailbreak of your ps3 you can watch this video


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