Discord, Best Zoom alternatives for video calling

account and chat server on Discord

If you’re bored of Zoom, Skype, and other Teams, try Discord, The Best Zoom alternatives for video calling. Discord is a free online chat platform that allows you to create virtual rooms to speak by text, voice, or maybe video.

The confinement was a chance for several to use new communication techniques, especially videoconferencing. And alongside the already popular solutions just like the essential Skype and WhatsApp, several services have emerged, like the now famous Zoom, which has achieved worldwide notoriety within the space of a couple of weeks. But other more confidential solutions have also grown in popularity. this is often particularly the case of Discord, a platform originally intended for gamers, and which has strengths which will appeal to a way wider audience.

what’s Discord?
account and chat server on DiscordInitially presenting itself as a VoIP solution – that’s to mention voice the web -, Discord allows you to talk in writing – with text messages – or orally via servers, private or public. ready to host several thematic virtual rooms, these servers were originally designed to compile teams of players and permit them to coordinate during online games. But nothing prevents extending their use to other sorts of groups – friends, families, colleagues, classes of scholars , etc. -, the amount of individuals registered on an equivalent server being virtually unlimited.

additionally to text and voice chats, you’ll live share images or screens – but not files, as Zoom or Google Meet offers, for instance – and send private messages to other participants, which is extremely convenient. . in particular , Discord allows video meetings for up to 50 participants. it’s even possible to talk with a gaggle of friends – 10 at the most – without having to hitch a server. Finally, users who are somewhat conversant in the tool also can host several discussion areas on their own server. All for free!

What’s more, Discord are often accessed during a sort of ways, with an internet browser, an app for Windows, macOS, or Linux, or a mobile app for iOS and Android. you only got to create an account to profit from it. take care however, the interface isn’t always well translated into French and there are expressions and commands in English here and there. Nothing prohibitive, even for non-English speakers!

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