Unlock Huawei B310s 21.300 21.311 Firmware

This Tutorial explains how to Unlock Huawei B310s 21.300 21.311 or Huawei B310s-927 as well as Huawei B315s-927 or Huawei B315s-927 in order to Accept All 4G SIM Card service providers in the world (these types are all similar and have the same update And the same decoding method), the explanation will only be done by updating the router to version 21.300.01.00.00 and without soldering the wires or even opening the cover of the router, the subject will be divided into two phases: the router update step and the router decoding step.

If the firmware update on your Huawei B310s Router is 21.316, click Here 
If the firmware update on Your Huawei B310s Router is 21.318 or 21.321, 21.329 or 21.333. The unlocking method is explained in the link below: Unlock Huawei B310s 21.333 or 21.329 21.318 21.321 Firmware

To Unlock Huawei B310s 21.300 21.311 Firmware:

  • Run E5186 Toolbox program, and write the default IP address of your router (
  • Press connect (you will see the Error message Bad IP address in bypassing it by pressing OK).
  • Click on API Control, and choose / API / device/mode (if Another error message appeared, click Continue) then paste the command we copied into Write in API.
  • Press the Write button directly to API, after which a confirmation message will appear, Click Yes.
  • Go to debug box to make sure commands are sent successfully with the word OK below.
  • Leave E5186 Toolbox program running, and download the program Putty.
  • Run Putty and put it in Telnet mode. Type the IP address of the router (, then copy the command ATI.
  • Paste ATI into the DOS screen, by right-clicking on the mouse, then pressing Enter.
  • Paste again ATI Command, And press Enter.
  • Copy the following command: AT ^ NVRDEX = 50503,0,128.
  • Paste it and press Enter.
  • The lines with numbers will appear in hexadecimal format.
  • Copy those numbers to Notepad, and download the program: Huawei Unlock Calculator.
  • Run it, and copy the two lines without zeros from the code we got.
  • Paste them in the program in the Pattern 1 and Pattern2 fields, then press Calculate and wait for the program to extract the decryption code for us.

I recommend you watch this video. You will clearly explain how to Unlock Huawei B310s 21.300 21.311 Firmware:

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