Jailbreak PS3 FAT & SLIM On 4.88 or Lower And install CFW 4.88 Cobra

Jailbreak PS3 4.88

In This tutorial i will show you how to Jailbreak PS3 On 4.88 or lower, and install CFW 4.88 Cobra

– PS3 compatible with CFW 4.88

  • Slim models: CECH-20xxx and CECH-21xxx

– PS3 No compatible with CFW 4.88

  • PS3 Slim models : CECH-3xxx
  • PS3 Super SLIM Models: 4xxx

– Prerequisites for Jailbreak PS3 On 4.88 and install CFW 4.88 Cobra

  1. A compatible Playstation 3
  2. Computer
  3. A USB Drive formatted in Fat32 mode
  4. Related tools

Download Files From Here ;

  • CFW 4.88 Cobra : CFW 4.88
  • If you have a console with an OFW lower than 4.88, you Must upgrade to 4.88
  • if you have OFW 4.86 you can try this method

Note, Do not try this method on an unsupported console, can brick your Playstation 3.
also, note that you should not use PS3Xploit on a console already in Custom firmware, it will also be a brick assured of your console.

Jailbreak installation : 

  1. Update Your PS3 To 4.88 if you Have firmware lower than 4.88.
  2. Connect your ps3 to the internet.
  3. Open your browser.
  4. Delete cookies and cache…
  5. Enter the website: ps3xploit.com
  6. Go to BG toolset then Main site
  7. Select flash memory manager
  8. Flash memory Patch
  9. Load Patch Via HTTPS
  10. Reselect Flash Memory Patch
  11. Apply loaded Patch
  12. Restart Your PS3

Now prepare your USB key with CFW

  1. Download CFW 4.88
  2. Extract Downloaded File
  3. Connect Your USB Drive to Computer and format it On FAT32 Mode
  4. Send The Folder PS3 to USB drive
  5. Eject USB From PC and Connect it to Your PS3
  6. Update your PS3 By Selecting via Storage Media
  7. Congratulation, Jailbreak PS3 On 4.88 and install CFW 4.88 Cobra finished Successfully

You Can Follow This Video to Fully Understand The Jailbreak Of Playstation 3 FAT & SLIM On 4.88 OFW or Lower and install CFW 4.88 Cobra.

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