Jailbreak PS3 Super Slim On 4.88 Or Lower And install PS3HEN

Jailbreak PS3 Super Slim

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install the latest Hybrid Firmware HFW 4.88.1. To be able to Jailbreak PS3 Super Slim On 4.88 and install HEN, to have the possibility of installing packages files like Multiman.

With the HFW ( Hybrid Firmware ), you will be able to reuse all the PS3EXPLOIT functionalities, and therefore be able to install HAN on the PS3 Ultra Slim or Slim Version 3xxx (which are not compatible with a permanent Custom Firmware CFW at the moment).

Prerequisites & Installation

To begin the procedure of Jailbreak PS3 Super Slim and install PS3HEN, we will have to start by retrieving all the materials and programs listed below:

  • A Playstation 3 Super Slim in official firmware 4.88 or Lower!
  • A PC (Windows Or Mac System).
  • A USB Stick, formatted in FAT32 Mode.
  • Internet access.
  • Hybrid Firmware update File: HFW 4.88.1

1. First Step; Preparing Your USB Drive:

  • Download the Hybrid Firmware Update File: HFW 4.88.1
  • Connect your USB Drive to your computer and format it in FAT 32 Mode.
  • Create at the Root of your USB Drive a folder called PS3.
  • inside this PS3 Folder, create another folder and rename it to UPDATE.
  • Copy the downloaded Hybrid firmware into the UPDATE folder.
  • Eject USB Drive from your computer and insert it into the USB Port of your PS3.

2. 2nd Step,  installing the Hybrid Firmware:

  • On the PS3 Menu. Go to “Settings”, then select “Update System”.
  • Select “Update by storage media”.
  • Confirm with the [Cross] key. and Wait a moment before the console restarts.
  • After installing the Hybrid Firmware HFW 4.88.1, start by launching the internet browser.
  • When the application has started, press the “Triangle” button to get to the Tools menu.
  • Go to the “Home page” Settings and select the “Use a blank page” option.
  • Close the browser and reopen it again.
  • Enter Now To the following address: ps3xploit.com.
  • Go to PS3HEN and select PS3HEN Installer/Enabler.
  • PS3HEN Will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • Click on Initialize HEN Installer.
  • Wait for the exploit to initialize on the console.
  • if that doesn’t work, try clearing the cache and cookies of the ps3 browser, then repeat the procedure.
  • The operation may require several attempts before the installation is done correctly.
  • You should have the green line “HEN Installer Initialized successfully.
  • Click on Install HEN. The PS3 will restart after a while.
  • Welcome to PS3HEN 3.0.3 Message will appear.
  • Restart your PS3. Congratulations, Jailbreak PS3 Super Slim finished, and PS3HEN was installed successfully.

for the jailbreak of ps3 Slim or FAT on 4.88 OFW or lower. Follow the instructions in the following article: Jailbreak PS3 SLIM and FAT On 4.88 OFW or Lower.

The video below explains well all the instructions…


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